Delivering YOUR peace of mind

AXA Professionals provides two divisions

  • AXA-TECH provides IT Managed Services, Personnel, and Project Management
  • AXA-MED provides healthcare staffing and shift management

For over 20 years, we have been the reliable solution to our client’s technical needs. By utilizing a dependable network of knowledgeable technicians across the United States and Canada, we can solve your technical problem, set up your systems, or manage your IT workforce within hours, not days.

We have a strong mix of key operational capabilities including IT recruiting, IT staff management, project oversight, and IT technician solutions.

We have the capability to create a tailor-made solution for your unique issue.

For more than seven years, we have been recruiting top talent to help fill the gaps in the healthcare industry. We recruit, vet, and test knowledgeable nurses and match them with empty shifts for shift work, short-term assignments, or temp-to-perm situations.

With an ability to match candidates and offer flexibility, benefits, and competitive rates, AXA-MED’s unique Healthcare Portal expedites the recruiting process and provides reliable personnel to fill in any shift gaps.

Removing your shift coverage concerns and adding flexibility for the facility and the employee.